Get Involved

  1. Join the official Project Blurple Discord server to start celebrating with us!

  2. Change your Discord avatar to use Blurple colors.
    Use our blurple paint tool or join the Discord server and use the Blurplefier bots.

  3. If you own a Discord server, change the icon for that to be Blurple as well!

  4. Get yourself the Blurple roles; type /check in the Blurplefier channels to get a role for your Blurple avatar.
    Follow the instructions in #blurplefied-info for how to register your Blurple server.


rgb(88, 101, 242)

The color palette for Project Blurple is rather simple,
inspired by the colors that Discord use.

Dark Blurple

rgb(69, 79, 191)


rgb(255, 255, 255)

Not Quite Black

rgb(35, 39, 42)

Legacy Blurple

rgb(114, 137, 218)

Legacy Dark

rgb(78, 93, 148)

Who's participating

Anyone and everyone can participate in Project Blurple, and many already have!

For the celebration of Discord's 8th birthday, over ... thousand members have already joined the official Project Blurple server, chatting with each other and sharing their love for all things Discord & Blurple. An amazing ... Blurple users have dived right in to the event, updating their Discord avatar to use Blurple colors as part of the celebration.

Alongside the Blurple users, ...+ Discord servers listed themselves as participating with their custom Blurple-themed icons in the Project Blurple server to celebrate Discord's 8th birthday.

This year, ... awesome members of the Project Blurple Discord server have gone above and beyond so far, donating assorted items, games and gift codes for the massive collection of giveaways that are being run throughout the celebration.

Through the Project Blurple Discord and other partner servers, over ... artists have already contributed to our digital pixel-art canvas and ...+ members have collected paint to enter official Project Blurple giveaways.

Alongside the celebrations on Discord, more than ... adventurers have begun exploring the Project Blurple Minecraft server, travelling across the world, building new homes, designing exciting new skins and forging new friendships.

What is Project Blurple?

Project Blurple is simple at its core, we're here to celebrate Discord's birthday each year with the community. We do this by encouraging folks to participate in our Discord server, chatting, entering giveaways and joining in with any events we run there.

The other big thing we do is asking those celebrating with us to make their avatars and server icons Blurple colored. Blurple is Discord's main brand color and by having everyone change their images to use a color scheme based on this, we can show our appreciation for Discord outside the Project Blurple server.

Discord's birthday is on May 13th, so Project Blurple normally launches roughly a week before to get the community hyped and ready to celebrate, with the main partying happening on May 13th. Things wrap up quickly after that with the final few giveaways being done in the following couple of days. (The Project Blurple server is open all year though if you want to have some Blurple fun out of season).

Project Blurple started in 2018 to celebrate Discord's 3rd birthday and has happened each year since, becoming more organised and much larger each year. 2018 saw a massive initial splash with 15,000 Blurple users that year and over 3,400 servers participating. 2019 was a bit quieter with only 4k Blurple users and just over 400 servers involved.

Project Blurple returned once again in 2020 to continue the annual tradition, celebrating Discord's 5th birthday with over 60 thousand members in the official server and nearly 9.5k awesome users rocking a Blurplefied profile picture. The 2020 birthday celebrations also saw over 890 Discord servers getting involved, using Blurplefied versions of the icons and spreading the word.

2021 was another wonderful year for Project Blurple, celebrating Discord's 6th birthday in style with other 71k members in the server for the celebrations, chatting away with over 575k message sent, and nearly 10k of those members getting involved by theming their profile picture around the Blurple color. Amazingly, we saw over 1.4k Discord servers get involved this year, updating their server icons to use the Blurple color!

Project Blurple continues to celebrate Discord's birthday every year, with Blurple users all across Discord marking themselves as participating with a Blurple themed avatar for 2023!